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Like many great entrepreneurs, Warren A. Bechtel would take a few frightening steps toward failure before he found the path to success. In 1898, 几近破产的25岁正版赌钱app下载和他怀孕的妻子, Clara, left Peabody, Kansas, and headed 100 miles (161 kilometers) south in search of construction work and new opportunity. 由此开始了一段史诗般的旅程,它将跨越一个多世纪的建筑, five generations of his family, and eventually much of the globe.

Countdown to the Opening of WaaTeeKaa

WaaTeeKaa, a century-old railroad car that served as a home on wheels for early generations of the Bechtel family, 为了庆祝我们的125周年纪念日而重新设计的吗. 1988年至2018年在旧金山工作, WaaTeeKaa was recently moved to our Reston, 弗吉尼亚州的办公室,并将于今年秋天作为我们更新后的公司博物馆重新开放. 

Visit the WaaTeeKaa page to learn more.

Looking back at Bechtel

Who is bechtel text

Who is Bechtel: An Interactive History


Building a New Century


The beginning of an epic journey


Building the Foundation

  • 1919


  • 1921

    第一份大型电力公司的工作:北加州的驯鹿水隧道, part of the Caribou Power Plant, 它将产生75兆瓦的电力

  • 1923
    Bechtel Family

    W. A. Bechtel Co. was a family business from the beginning. W. A. was determined to build a company that would allow him to pass along to his children not just financial security and physical assets, 而是对公司员工和同事的责任感和义务, and to the enterprise. 正版赌钱app下载家族成员对正版赌钱app下载越来越多的兴趣和参与让他感到非常高兴.

    Pictured (left to right): W.A. 正版赌钱app下载和他的儿子史蒂夫、肯和小沃伦.

  • 1923
    • Introduced using track-laying tractors on the Southern Pacific Railroad, Natron Cut-off, Oregon.
    • 亚利桑那州南太平洋铁路:主干线延伸.
  • 1925
    Bowman Dam

    首次涉足水坝建设行业:加州鲍曼大坝完工. 建筑工地非常偏远,该公司被迫建造了一个营地, complete with a hospital, a hundred head of cattle, a slaughterhouse, and storage facilities, to sustain the crew for the winter.

  • 1929

    First pipeline: The 8-mile- (13-kilometer-) long Tres Piños–Milpitas in California begins operation.

  • 1931


    胡佛大坝项目对于任何一家公司来说都太大了. So W. A. 正版赌钱app下载帮助成立了一个财团,自称为Six Companies, Inc .. W. A. 作为朋友和商业伙伴认识财团公司的负责人, 和他们中的大多数人合作过. 

    胡佛水坝由富兰克林·D·罗斯福总统正式落成. 1935年9月,罗斯福总统接见了正版赌钱app下载公司,这是正版赌钱app下载公司历史上的一个关键事件. 已经有了更大的项目,未来几年还会有更大的工作. But never again will Bechtel be involved with a project that so profoundly shaped our company's sense of itself. 

    胡佛大坝对我祖父来说是一个成败攸关的决定. 它成为了现在正版赌钱app下载公司许多伟大传统的发源地.
    Stephen D. Bechtel Jr., 1982 

    1934年至1938年间,Six Companies, Inc ..帕克水坝横跨科罗拉多河. Operating as Columbia Construction Co., they corralled the waters of the Columbia River behind the concrete arches of Bonneville Dam and built Ruby Dam and Grays Harbor jetties in Washington State; and as Six Companies of California, 他们修建了一段奥克兰-康特拉-科斯塔高速公路. Utah-Bechtel-Morrison-Kaiser Co. 修建了莫法特水隧道,并在科罗拉多州修建了泰勒公园大坝.

  • 1933
    Stephen D. Bechtel Sr.

    Stephen D. Bechtel Sr. becomes president of W.A. Bechtel Co.

  • 1933
    Bay Bridge

    在这个时代,尝试不可能的事情成了标准程序, and the Bay Bridge is a perfect example—the plans called for bridge piers to be set deeper than anyone had ever attempted. And seldom had anyone confronted currents as unpredictable or winds as blustery as those on San Francisco Bay.

    The Bechtels formed Bridge Builders, Inc.,与六家公司的合伙人亨利·凯泽(Henry Kaiser)结盟. A.’s most trusted collaborators. They added several old-line eastern firms, 包括一些史蒂夫能找到的最有经验的沉箱建造工. 

  • 1941

    First shipbuilding job: Calship delivers 467 cargo ships and Marinship cranks out 15 Liberty ships and 78 tankers and oilers. 

  • 1942

    作为美国战争部授权项目的一部分,该项目旨在支持美国军队.S. defenses in Alaska, Bechtel interests begin work on Canol, a  1,430-mile (2,300公里长的管道横跨加拿大和阿拉斯加. 这条管道把石油从加拿大的油田输送到一个新的炼油厂.

  • 1943

    正版赌钱app下载在中东的第一个项目:巴林石油公司. 雇佣BMP建造一个每天能生产15万桶石油的炼油厂.

  • 1945

    First major power contract: Equipment changes for Southern California Edison; engineers must convert power equipment operating on a 50-cycle current to a 60-cycle current. 

  • 1947

    Trans-Arabian Pipeline


    Bechtel begins work on the 1,068-mile (1,719公里跨阿拉伯管道(Tapline), 将石油运输到沙特阿拉伯, Jordan, Syria, 从黎巴嫩到地中海的油轮. 

  • 1949

    First nuclear reactor: Near Arco, Idaho, Experimental Breeder Reactor-1 (EBR-1) is the first nuclear reactor to generate electricity from atomic energy.

1950 - 1979

Building Industry

  • 1954

    Bechtel begins to build three power plants for South Korea, doubling that country’s energy output.

  • 1957

    In Illinois, 德累斯顿核电站破土动工, 这是当时美国最大的核电设施. 正版赌钱app下载公司帮助设计和建造了该工厂,该工厂于1959年完工.

  • 1958

    Swift Dam, 华盛顿州:水力发电项目增加204人,000 kilowatts to the regional power supply

  • 1960

    Stephen D. Bechtel Jr.

    Stephen D. Bechtel Jr.

    Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. becomes president of Bechtel Corporation.

  • 1961


  • 1962

    Athabasca Tar Sands in northern Alberta: the first large-scale operation to recover oil from enormous tar sand deposits.

  • 1964

    Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) System

    第一个公共交通项目:旧金山湾区快速交通系统. In 1976, it becomes the first totally new rapid transit system to be completed in the United States in 40 years and significantly eases traffic.

  • 1968
    • Bechtel signs on to develop the West Irian copper project on the Indonesian part of the island of New Guinea. The copper, 从海拔11的矿床中提取,000 feet (3,353 meters), 是通过一条70英里(113公里)长的泥浆管道输送到海岸的吗.
    • Bechtel begins the largest chemical plant to date, the Ponce petrochemical complex in Puerto Rico. 它能产生30亿磅的能量.每年消耗三百六十亿公斤的化学物质.
  • 1969

    Bougainville copper project

    Papua New Guinea

    In Papua New Guinea, 正版赌钱app下载公司开始布干维尔铜矿项目的工作, 其中包括从海平面到2,500 feet (762 meters)—as well as the implementation of one of the most complex telecommunications networks to date, 将远程工地与外界连接起来.

  • 1969

    Bechtel, as part of a joint venture, 开始在拉布拉多建造具有纪念意义的丘吉尔瀑布水电项目. 

  • 1971

    Bechtel begins work on the Washington, D.C.该项目包括98英里(158公里)的轨道. 

  • 1972

    James Bay Hydro

    James Bay

    Bechtel helps manage and coordinate work on the huge James Bay hydroelectric complex; work continues into the mid-1980s

  • 1973

    Syncrude, Alberta: extraction complex.

  • 1976

    Palo Verde, Arizona: nuclear power plant.

  • 1977

    Algeria’s first LNG plant is dedicated. 该工厂由正版赌钱app下载公司建造,使阿尔及利亚的液化天然气出口能力增加了两倍.

  • 1978

    哈立德国王国际机场,沙特阿拉伯. 哈立德国王项目包括五座航站楼, a control tower, a mosque, a ceremonial mall, and support and utility buildings, 以及一个可供3人居住的独立社区,000 people.

  • 1979

    正版赌钱app下载公司协助清理和恢复三里岛核电站, 开发几代机器人设备用于净化损坏的单元.

    In March 1979, the Unit 2 reactor core of the 三里岛核电站 (TMI) experienced a partial meltdown that damaged the fuel rods and possibly other internal reactor components. Radioactive materials were released from the core into the reactor coolant system and into the reactor building. 一连串令人恐惧的问题如雪崩般倾泻而下. What were the true dangers of the accident? 一个人能多接近反应堆而不被暴露? What were the conditions in the reactor?

1980 - 1999

Engineering the Future

  • 1981
    • We are awarded our first contracts to clean up radioactive government research sites in the Unites States.
    • 第一个金矿是在Ok Tedi金铜矿项目开采的. 正版赌钱app下载是一家合资企业,提供工程、采购和建筑服务. The project mines, processes, and ships more than a million tons of copper ore from an isolated mountaintop in Papua New Guinea between 1987 and 1994 alone.
  • 1982

    In New Zealand, Bechtel begins constructing the world’s first commercial facility to convert natural gas to gasoline.

  • 1983

    Bechtel provides start-up engineering and construction support for the completion and commercial operation of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power facility in California.

  • 1987

    Channel Tunnel

    2 tunnel workers with flags

    正版赌钱app下载参与了连接英国和法国的英吉利海峡隧道的建设. One of the century’s largest engineering and construction projects and the world’s largest privately financed infrastructure project, the tunnel opens in 1994.

  • 1989
    Riley P. Bechtel

    Riley P. Bechtel becomes president of Bechtel Group.

  • 1990

    Hong Kong Airport

    Bechtel helps manage the Hong Kong Airport Core Programme-10个包括修建桥梁的项目, tunnels, railroads, 以及在赤腊角兴建国际机场, and extensive land reclamation.

  • 1991

    Athens Metro

    正版赌钱app下载管理的财团开始了雄心勃勃的扩张和现代化 Athens Metro 在2004年希腊夏季奥运会之前,地铁系统的建设.

  • 1991

    Extinquishing the Kuwait Oil Fires

    Kuwait fire

    In the aftermath of the Gulf War, Bechtel leads the effort to put out 650 oil-well fires and rebuild Kuwait’s oil infrastructure, destroyed by Iraqi troops.

  • 1992

    正版赌钱app下载的一家合资企业被选中提供设计, procurement, 为摩托罗拉在天津的工厂提供施工管理服务, China, 这将生产各种电子产品,并提供办公空间. 正版赌钱app下载将在接下来的十年里为摩托罗拉在中国工作

  • 1994

    作为减少威胁合作项目的一部分, 正版赌钱app下载帮助俄罗斯制定全面的化学武器销毁计划.

  • 1995
    • Bechtel is the first U.S. 公司在中国获得建筑许可证:摩托罗拉半导体制造工厂.
    • El Abra, Chile: copper mine
    • 正版赌钱app下载公司被选为大西洋液化天然气项目的主承包商, 这是西半球25年来的第一个液化天然气工厂. The plant, on the island of Trinidad, becomes the largest single investment ever in the Caribbean.
  • 1996

    Bechtel begins work on an $800 million, 菲律宾奎松省440兆瓦的发电厂.

  • 1998


    • 这是克罗地亚高速公路上一段93英里(150公里)长的路段.
    • 在秘鲁安第斯山脉高处的安塔米娜矿开始了一座铜锌矿. 
    • begins the high-speed rail 连接英吉利海峡隧道和伦敦的桥梁, 提供伦敦之间无缝的高速通道, Paris and Brussels.
    • takes on building the Jubilee Line extension of the London Underground.​
  • 1999


    • 在马里兰州阿伯丁试验场从事芥子气剂库存销毁工作. 
    • 在阿尔巴尼亚的希望营为2万名科索沃难民建造了一个避难所.

2000 - today

Sustainable Progress

  • 2000
    • 成为第一家采用六西格玛的工程和建筑公司, 提高质量的数据驱动方法. 
    • 开始为美国一家主要无线运营商进行全国性的网络扩张.
    • 在土耳其西部的三个土耳其发电厂工作. 
  • 2002
    • 启动陆基中段防御计划, 在阿拉斯加:一个赢得客户最高绩效奖的基础设施.
    • 在阿拉巴马州的布朗斯费里,重启了一个休眠了22年的核发电机.
    • 在英国开启西海岸航线现代化, 连接伦敦和苏格兰的高速铁路升级.
  • 2003
    • 成立迄今为止最大的中外合资企业: CSPC Nanhai Petrochemicals Complex, China.
    • 开始达尔文液化天然气,澳大利亚北部的一个液化天然气项目.
    • In the wake of conflict in Iraq, 我们帮助重建该国重要的基础设施, including roads, bridges, telecommunications, and power and water systems.
  • 2005

    Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

    Mother and child

    Working for the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, 正版赌钱app下载公司为近100人提供了临时住房,000名密西西比州居民的房屋被飓风破坏或摧毁 Hurricane Katrina.

  • 2005


    • Begins work at the Oak Creek Power Plant, Wisconsin: a coal-fired facility.
    • Starts work on Sohar Aluminium, a greenfield smelter project in Oman. 在建设高峰期,我们雇佣了1900名阿曼人.
  • 2009
    • First project out of Mining & 布里斯班的金属中心:crium North矿场,澳大利亚
    • Dulles Corridor Metrorail Extension 在弗吉尼亚州北部,华盛顿特区延伸12英里(19公里).C.'s metro system.
    • Crossrail, London: The twin 13-mile (21-kilometer) rail tunnels and related systems make Crossrail the largest infrastructure project in Europe.
  • 2010

    Gabon Infrastructure

    Students in classroom

    The master infrastructure plan balances economic progress with social and environmental priorities to support the government of Gabon's vision.

  • 2010

    Bechtel forms an alliance with Babcock & Wilcox to commercialize Generation mPower, a small modular reactor development for nuclear power.

  • 2011
    • 第一个公用事业规模的光伏项目,也是世界上最大的光伏项目之一; California Valley Solar Ranch.
    • 阿曼马斯喀特国际机场:28门客运航站楼.
  • 2014

    Achieved 75 years in the aviation market. 

  • 2016


    Brendan Bechtel

    Brendan Bechtel becomes CEO

  • 2016

    Chernobyl shelter and confinement

    正版赌钱app下载公司完成了拱门的初步工作, providing a safer working environment for cleanup personnel and better containment of radioactive dust and debris for the next century

  • 2017

    Sydney Metro

    Transport for NSW selects Bechtel as its Delivery Management Partner for the Tunnel and Station Excavation Works Package as part of the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project. 

  • 2018


    《正版赌钱app下载》将正版赌钱app下载公司评为全美最佳公司.S. contractor for the 20th consecutive year - more info

  • 2019

    NASA Mobile Launcher 2

    Working with U.S. 公司和国际合作伙伴,如正版赌钱app下载, 美国国家航空航天局将推动人类探索的边界. Bechtel will contribute decades of engineering and construction capability to the mission by constructing Mobile Launcher 2 (ML2).

  • 2020


    Bechtel collaborates with the global crowdfunding nonprofit Global Giving to direct $3 million to communities fighting the coronavirus pandemic - more info